This is the story of beoutQ & Arabsat - the Saudi Arabian-backed pirates of world sport and entertainment.
World sport and entertainment are being stolen by Saudi Arabia. In what initially had its roots in a regional dispute between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the beoutQ piracy has now become one of the greatest threats to the future of the sports and entertainment industry.
This website traces the story of beoutQ, the Saudi Arabia-based pirate TV channel and Arabsat, the Riyadh-headquartered satellite provider. Together, this pirate channel and satellite provider are carrying out – almost on a daily basis – the most widespread piracy operation that the world has ever seen, principally targeting the global broadcaster beIN SPORTS for political purposes (beIN’s headquarters are in Qatar), but in-so-doing stealing the intellectual property of rights holders and other broadcasters across the world....
This website puts out in the open and as a matter of public record evidence – including legal documentation – that reveals the shocking scale and sophistication of Saudi Arabia's illegal operations. The tabs set out the evidence by theme:- a timeline of what has happened to date; proof of who the pirates are; a catalogue of the theft that is occurring day-by-day; the united international condemnation of the piracy by sports and entertainment bodies; how the pirates have responded through Saudi Arabian propaganda; and the independent media scrutiny of the whole issue.
Why does all this matter? First, because theft of intellectual property is grossly illegal and no individual or State is above the rule of law. Second, because if piracy isn’t stamped out, the financial model that underpins sports and entertainment will be destroyed – that means an erosion the funding of the best movies, entertainment, and most famous sports leagues and events all around the world. It is time to take a stand – piracy doesn’t pay.
Please take the time to explore the evidence below.
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beoutQ & Arabsat: Theft of World Sport & Entertainment